Rubicon S2 | Overhead-Braced

At Rubicon, we believe that restroom areas should not only be functional for the users but should also be aesthetic and hygienic. As such, we decided to create Rubicon S2, a partition that combines the functionality of an overhead-braced partition while integating illuminated ocupancy indicator, a foot pedal to open and close the door, and a touchless latch to properly lock the door.

Rubicon S2 – Overhead Braced

Our partition, comes with a sensor-activated latch and a proprietary foot pedal that allows the user to enter and exit the stall without having to touch the door with their hands.

In addition to the touchless experience, our pilasters come with LED occupancy indicator lights.


Rubicon S2 – Overhead Braced
Rubicon S2 – Overhead Braced
Satin Stainless

Other colors available upon request. Contact us for quotations and estimated delivery time.