About Us

With more than 27 years of experience in the manufacturing and construction industry in Mexico and Latin America, Rubicon Spaces comes to life as an effort of Grupo Modumex to expand its commercial operations into the United States. Not only bringing a new option to our customers, but also bringing a new way of looking at public restrooms where privacy, quality and durability are of utmost importance. 


Back in 1995, after being terminated from his job and with a third child on the way, our founder decided to start his own company called Modumex. It all started with him making toilet partitions in a 250 square feet room and going out to sell and install them.


As the time went by, our founder managed to continue growing and becoming one of the leaders in the toilet partitions market for Mexico and Latin America. In order to allow for further expansion while also maintaining personalized service for our customers, Modumex changed its business model moving manufacturing and commercialization direct to customer, to creating commercial relationships with exclusive distributors for the brand throughout Mexico.


Continuing with the expansion of the company and looking for new markets, the commercial team of Modumex closed its first international deal. Not only installing our first partitions outside of Mexico in Panama’s Tower Bank Building but also igniting the growth of the company globally.


10 years after selling our first project outside of Mexico, Grupo Modumex today has presence on more than 12 countries including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, and Panama. Continuing our expansion efforts, our founder decided to open Rubicon Spaces, not only bringing Modumex to the USA but also going back to his country as an American citizen hoping that his expertise in the manufacturing and construction industry set him and his company for success.