Overhead-Braced Partitions

The most popular style for partitions in the market, this style is perfect for areas with high ceilings. Providing extra overhead stregth, these partitions will be the perfect addition to restroom areas with heavy traffic like stadiums, parks, hospitals, and more.

Overhead Braced Floor-mounted partitions

The most popular style of partitions, overhead braced partitions are attached to the floor and stabilized at the top, giving extra strength to the installation and making them the best option for heavy-traffic or vandalism-prone areas. In addition, the extra height provides a more complete look in areas with high ceilings.  

Like all our partitions, these style comes with occupancy indicator latch and preparations on doors and pilasters to block the view inside the stall.


Overhead Braced Floor-mounted partitions
Overhead Braced Floor-mounted partitions
Satin Stainless

Other colors available upon request. Contact us for quotations and estimated delivery time.